UltraLajkonik Festival – Celebrating cycling culture

UltraLajkonik is a unique event celebrating cyclists’ struggle with the route, themselves and the elements. The race has a unique character, being a mixture of several factors – the location, the unique and secretive atmosphere of the Foothills, hidden deep in the wooded ravines of nature, as well as the extremely difficult climbs for which this region is famous, so could you want anything else? Yes!

Passion for cycling can be expressed in many ways and it is to one of these alternative activities that we want to invite you. The festival is an excellent space for integration, discussion, testing and mutual inspiration by cycling enthusiasts. It is a space, where the scent of blossoming spring nature should ooze in the air, mixed with the power of stories of participants about adventures, which they met during their cycling escapades all over the world. All this is to inspire young and adults, women and men to try to experience at least a substitute of these adventures. To get out of our comfort zone, to feel how little we need to be happy, how close to us is the real everyday life, which can give us so much joy.

The festival takes place from 30 April to 3 May, offering a great opportunity for cycling enthusiasts and their families to get together.

Festival highlights include:

  • Presentations and discussions with invited guests
  • Outdoor cinema (weather permitting)
  • Bike servicing workshop
  • Cycling equipment demonstrations
  • Relaxation and entertainment zone

We look forward to seeing you

The festival is also intended to integrate, complement the cycling struggles and involve the cycling community who are keen to learn how cycling ultramarathons work, what their climate is like, how to prepare for them. It is also an opportunity to meet interesting people, modern equipment, cycling customs, secrets of cycling mechanics. And don’t forget that it’s a great opportunity to “high-five” people we’ve so far only seen on social media and admired the routes they’ve covered.

Remember: the UltraLajkonik Festival is an opportunity to see the cycling ultramarathon from behind the scenes, test the top equipment and get to know each other better. Even if you are not riding UltraLajkonik, we have no less attractions for you than the route is preparing for the competitors.

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